Album Review: Kanye West presents. Good Music Cruel Summer

I would like to start off by congratulating Kanye on taking his time but coming out with quality over quantity. He has proven himself once again with this compilation involving the likes of, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Raekwon, R.kelly, Jay-z, John Legend, Kid Cudi and many more. Picked up the album right away and was curious of what the hype was about and I must say it’s a work well done. Not only does the album have bangers that were already released like, “I dont Like”, “Clique” and “New God Flow” but it has some new gems as well, like “The Morning”, “Higher” and “The One”. Consisting of 12 greatly produced high quality tracks, this album is the perfect size to just listen to and chill without the irritation of wanting to skip songs. You can literally just put track one and leave the cd. Overall great job on the production, quality, artists and concept and message.



Album Review: MMG – Self Made 2

This is by far one of the most played albums on my iPod. Consisting of some really great artist coming together as MMG to make this second group album, they have done a splendid job. Tracks like, actin up, all birds and black magic, meek mill, wale and Rick Ross sure know how to release tracks. That’s without mentioning to great work of French Montana along with drake and others on the album. Overall expect stellar tracks from beginning to end on this album.



Album Review: Tyga – Well Done 3

Ok let me begin by saying I was expecting the outcome of this album. Clubby Rap Productions to go along with Tyga’s typical flow and hard punch lines. This album surpassed all expectations as it being the 3rd of the “Well Done” Mixtapes, I was expecting it to take a major downfall. I was completely wrong, this album is “Well done” from beginning to end. With high energy tracks and the most popular rap artists featured in most of the tracks, it keeps you entertained. If you are not into Tyga then you won’t like the album and don’t expect anything different, But if you do, You will enjoy this Mixtape more then maybe his debut album.



Album Review: ASAP Mobb: Lords Never Worry

As My First Album Rating Let Me get right into it. This album wasn’t at all what I expected. After dropping the Huge album “Live Love A$AP”, ASAP Rocky has teamed up with his “Mobb” to drop the first Mobb album called “Lords Never Worry”. Well let me tell you, after a Mixtape like this you should be. The album lacks Lyrics, production and overall appeal. It takes a long time for you to actually get into the album and by the time you do, your half asleep. To save you time just listen to the tracks featuring ASAP Rocky because the rest of his “crew” are slackin big time. Common ASAP.